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Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) was established in March 1994 with the objective of imparting quality education to children.

The main aim of Studyhall Educational Foundation is to work towards realising the constitutional injunction to provide good quality education to all children in India. It will do so by establishing high quality primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in rural and urban settings all over India, by adopting and helping other schools, to achieve higher quality, by working with the State and Central Government and other NGO's in the areas of curricular enrichment and reform, teacher education, research in innovative education. It will keep a special focus on reaching underserved parts of the population, like girls, children from low socio-economic backgrounds in rural and urban regions, children with special needs, adults deprived of an education due to their difficult economic and social circumstance

The Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) is currently touching the lives of thousands of children and hundreds of teachers through its several institutions, programs and interventions.


Study Hall Educational Foundation aims

- To bring the benefits of education to all levels of society throughout India, by establishing primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, teacher training institutions, open school classes, vocational training programs and adult literacy programs.

- To work for the improvement of the education system in the private and public sectors , in rural and urban India, by engaging with the Governmental and non-governmental organisations and working towards policy reform, curricular reform, teacher training programs, research programs, school enrichment programs and other innovative interventions using new technologies.

In sum - to do everything that we can, to work with everyone who is interested and is similarly engaged, to spread quality education throughout India.

Study Hall Educational Foundation is striving to successfully fulfil the Millennium Development Goals, in India:

1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger

2. Achieving universal primary education

3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women